Hi, I am Kayla.

My boyfriend, Brinson, and I have been together for 7 years now and have three beautiful children: Jayden, 5, Brooklyn, 3, and Peyton, 2.5 months. Most of my days are spent living life with them and making special memories, when they're not fighting! Ha! We live a pretty busy, crazy life but I wouldn't change it for the world!

When I'm not chasing one of my love bugs around, or photographing, you can usually find me watching The Office or Friends. I love to have fun, laugh and hang out with my friends (even if it only happens once in awhile). Or if it's in the wee morning you can find me staring into space, listening to Kari Jobe on pandora, mentally preparing for the day ahead!

I got into photography because of my children. I wanted to take good quality pictures, so I got a nice camera. I quickly found that I loved it. I loved the art aspect. A friend told me I had a natural eye for it and I should try to venture more with it. So I did. I started taking pictures of friends and family. And the rest is history...

I love photography. But more importantly I love people. I love giving people the pictures to remember the most important times of their lives. Nothing beats the feeling of knowing I gave something to someone that is irreplaceable.



“I love having Kayla take our pictures. She does great work. I have a 3 year old, and she never sits still for very long. Kayla changes things up and makes it fun for her. She definitely has a eye for this and gets AMAZING shots! We will keep going to her. Thanks Kayla!!”

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